Marc Jensen. 

Technology + Games + Outdoors + Food + Coffee.

I'm incredibly excited about the future, and how technology will make the world a better place. Having a hand and leading that in creating that has been amazing, and gets me going every day.

I'm currently Chief Innovation Officer + Managing Partner at space150, an incredible digital agency based in Minneapolis, New York, and LA. I joined in 2002 (!) and haven't looked back. Before space150 I was in the 3D animation, motion capture, and game development world, and have been in the creative technology space for, well, pretty much my whole life.

When I was very young, I got a home pong console, and I was immediately hooked on video games. Shortly after, my dad brought home an Apple // computer, thinking I would like it. Wow, was he right - from the moment I flipped that switch, I was hooked. I knew this was my path forward. I wasn't sure how, and it seemed like a long shot in 1978 living in a tiny town in Northern Minnesota.

Speaking of Northern Minnesota, I was fortunate to grew up very close to nature and spent a lot of time with my family doing amazing things: camping, fishing, swimming, cabin-ing, hiking, fossil hunting, biking, and more. My parents were (and are) avid gardeners, and we grew a lot of our own food, had chickens and many other farm animals. I saw the full circle of food life young, and it's had a big impact on me. My mom and all of my grandparents definitely showed me the amazing social aspects of coffee, and I've had a blast making and trying some of the worlds best.

I'm married to Yee - an amazing woman that helps me stay young and keeps pushing me to adventure more and to keep exploring.